School of Computing

Welcome to the School of Computing at Florida Tech!

The School of Computing (SoC) acknowledges and advances the cross-disciplinary nature of computing and computing education. The School of Computing brings together the fields of computer science, software engineering, information systems, and data science and cybersecurity, of which a primary component is the Harris Institute for Assured Information. Our mission is to foster a broad view of computing and its applications to society through education and research. As with all the other academic units at Florida Tech, the School is committed to a welcoming environment for a diverse faculty, staff, and student body, as well as to being an integral part of the Melbourne area’s economic development.

Our Vision

  • Develop world-class research
  • Deliver quality and accredited programs in a broad array of BS, MS and Ph.D. programs
  • Create a unique environment to foster domain-specific areas of research such as health, homeland security, social sciences, usability engineering, business and life sciences
  • Provide an atmosphere for faculty to demonstrate research and teaching excellence
  • Foster partnerships with local industry and be a source of computing expertise to the university, Melbourne, and beyond

High Tech with a Human Touch

  • Build tools and applications that positively affect people’s lives
  • From graduates who are professionally prepared, motivated and focused on lifelong learning while working in their chosen field
  • Attract women and under-represented minorities with a wide-range of interests and professional goals
  • Achieve national recognition for diversity
  • Support a culture of entrepreneurship for students, alumni and faculty

The SoC works on education and research in various domains such as cognition, data mining, cyber security, forensics, medical imaging, complex systems, human dynamics, social interactions, software testing, and software evolution. We have several research laboratories and research groups such as the BioComplex Lab, the Vision Group, the Bioinformatics Lab, and one institute, the Harris Institute for Assured Information. The school is focused on both theoretical and applied areas. Our students are motivated and our alumni work in many leading companies and universities around the world.