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Why Students Come to Florida Tech

"I went to Florida Tech because they have an appealing and unparalleled Software Engineering curriculum that prepares you well for the ever changing software industry."

Arun Chitrapu
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Fall 1998
Master of Science in Software Engineering, Fall 2000
Software Test Engineer
Microsoft Corporation


"With its quality faculty members and modern computing facilities, the Department of Computer Sciences at Florida Tech offered a challenging environment to study different areas of computer science and to get involved in a variety of research projects. This program also offers rewarding career options to its graduates due to the strong relationship of the faculty with the industry. Overall, Florida Tech turned out to be a very good selection for me."

Ertan Toprakbasti
Master of Science in Computer Science, Fall 2000
Software Test Engineer
Microsoft Corporation


"I just wanted to let you know that after being in the workforce for 9 months or so and seeing the diversity of backgrounds of schools makes me really appreciate my schooling. I think the undergraduate program is very well structured."

Davlyn L. Chin
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Spring 2003
Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training, and Support
Software Engineering LDP Associate


"When I look back at my life, I consider my choice to enroll at FIT was a true blessing. I learned how to do research, as well as write and publish technical papers. My confidence and future would not be possible without the superb support from CS department, its excellent professors, and the good study environment Florida Tech has provided. I also enjoyed campus life, which allowed me to develop friendships with students from around the world, taste varied cultures, enjoy fun new experiences, and contribute back to the surrounding Melbourne area through community service projects."

Hyoung-rae Kim
Master of Science in Computer Science, 2001
Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science, 2004, expected
Assistant Professor, Livingstone College, beginning Fall 2004


"I transfered from the University of Texas at Austin to Florida Tech at Melbourne when I changed my major from Operations Research to Computer Science. Soon I felt comfortable because of nice faculty members who satisfied my scholastic spirit. My experience suggests a prospective student who wants to study Computer Science won't regret coming to Florida Tech. You will learn more than just raw knowledge."

Ki-Sub Jung
Master of Science in Computer Science, 2001
Software Engineer
Traffic Engineering, Signal Processing
Samsung Electronics, Telecommunication Department


"I came to Florida Tech as a foreign student. I soon learned that I was able to develop my personal interests in Computer Science, not only through the curriculum, but also through the pursuit of my personal interests in computer science with the aid of the very supportive faculty. After I graduated, I established a successful software development company in Melbourne Florida, where I enjoy the fruits of my studies."

Alex Soya
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1988