Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Florida Tech is a unique and well-rounded program that provides a solid technical background for careers in the computing profession or for graduate studies. Computer science students study the structure of typical computer systems, the techniques and theories supporting software development and specialized areas such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, networks and information management. After graduation, they are equipped to enter the work force as systems analysts, application and system developers, or software specialists and are provided with the background necessary for graduate study.

See the FIT catalog for information on the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

The School of Computing offers a minor in Computer Science that requires a total of 21 credits, 15 of which are required coursework and 6 credits of electives.

The Fast Track Master's Degree Program allows FIT undergraduate students to take graduate course work while still an undergraduate, allowing them to finish a masters degree in less time than a traditional program.  Students with an interest in the Fast Track program must submit an application form.  They must have completed at least 95 credits toward their undergraduate degree and must have a minimum GPA of 3.4, based on having earned more than 35 credits at Florida Tech.