Computer Information Systems

Welcome to the Computer Information Systems program within the School of Computing

The School of Computing offers academic programs in new and unique delivery formats to prepare students to become successful computing professionals in the design, development and use of computer-based information systems. The preparation includes a comprehensive coverage of CIS concepts, theories and practices in key technology-driven areas of object-oriented design, analysis and programming; database, decision and system analysis; as well as real-world applications. The programs merge technical and management perspectives for strategic support of an organization’s computing and information systems. Students conduct research in analyzing real-world problems, designing sustainable solutions, implementing and testing their design, and critically evaluating peer results leading to lifelong learning strategies.

Computer Information System programs provide knowledge of current technology and tools for the design, implementation and maintenance of data-driven systems primarily as they are used within industry and as part of larger systems. Areas of computing that are stressed include systems that are service and Web-based, database, network, real-time, workflow/process-based, and component-based. Usability and security of such systems as they fit into appropriate corporate and industrial environments is also stressed and students are required to learn how to program.

The Computer Information Systems program offers the following degrees: