Data Science

Our modern society is marked by the widespread availability of digital data, which is increasing at a remarkable rate. From messages, videos, and images exchanged in social networks to indexes in financial markets, from genomic codes to disease-spreading patterns, from music preferences to latent causal indicators in social sciences, hundreds of billions of datasets are being created daily on the Internet. As ``Big Data'' exploration becomes a major driving force of transformative technologies in industry, commerce, and academia, the need for highly trained data-science professionals is evident.

The Data Science area of study in the School of Computing aims at training students to become high-quality data-science professionals. This program combines a strong theoretical foundation with a hands-on approach to learning, along with a focus on modern data-analysis technologies for processing massive amounts of data. Our graduates will be prepared to work on all aspects of the data-science pipeline, being proficient in data retrieval, exploration, analysis as well as in the effective communication of information. Moreover, graduates will be prepared to enter the job market as well as pursue advanced masters and doctorate studies.

The core curriculum for Data Science consists of courses in computer science theory, computer programming, mathematics, statistics, machine learning and data mining, and the processing of massive datasets. The program also includes training in state-of-the-art technologies such as in network sciences, computer vision and pattern recognition, natural-language processing and signals.